The Next Web 2015 - Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Since 2009, Event Engineers has managed Wi-Fi for the annual TNW Conference, one of the world’s largest technology events. Over the last six years, the conference has scaled from one room and 850 attendees in 2009, to four rooms, outdoor spaces and a business floor with 3,500 attendees nowadays.

With the iPhone only in its first year of existence, TNW Conference in 2009 only saw 130 concurrent Wi-Fi users. As both the number of smart devices and the appeal of technology conferences scaled, so did the Event Engineers operation. Last year, TNW Conference experienced 1,600 concurrent Wi-Fi users and 3,250 unique devices on its network.

But back in 2009, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten – CEO & Co-founder of The Next Web – was just happy to no longer be dragging his Apple Airports with him to his event. He now attributes the quality of the Wi-Fi network provided by Event Engineers as an integral aspect of TNW Conference.

"Since our first conference in 2006, the entire project has grown tremendously, both in size and complexity. And since 2009, Event Engineers has grown alongside us. If you witness the effort that the Event Engineers has to put into this project, not to mention the type of equipment that they utilise, you start to understand why only a small proportion of international events have great Wi-Fi. The Next Web is known for having stable Wi-Fi, and the fact that this remains the case with such huge increases in audience size each year is all thanks to the Event Engineers."


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